If You Build It, They Will Come!

Beco G.

No, I’m not here to talk about Kevin Costner’s “Field of Dreams”.. Something happened the other day that really touched me deep inside. Ever since I took this challenge, nothing worried me more than reaching my target in donations (20,000 egp). If ’10 has taught me anything, it taught me to just start whatever I wanted to do and not over analyze/think and results will show later. That “take action now, think later” mentality helped shed some light on what the hell “If you build it they will come” meant. Simply, if you do anything, something will happen. As not to drift away from the point of this story, here is what happened.

I was at my regular visit to my cousin’s house. My cousin has a pair of twin girls who are to die for; I absolutely love them. I refer to them as my “Baby Cousins”, I don’t care how old they get, I will always refer to them as my “Baby Cousins”. They are 11 now. Some family members and probably my baby cousins (as they are avid followers of me on facebook) may read this blog so I’m not going to share names. Anyways, I was sitting in my cousin’s living room chatting with her and getting updates here and there. I could tell that one of the girls was fidgeting, waiting for an opportunity to blurt out tell me something. She couldn’t hold it any longer and just asked me about this blog I had on facebook and something to do with a mountain. I could tell she was having a tough time pronouncing it’s name. “Kilimanjaro” I said. Her face glowed, and said “YES! That one!” I took her on my lap and started telling her all the interesting facts about Mount Kilimanjaro an 11 year old would find interesting. After getting her full and undivided attention I went on explaining the cause of this challenge, the awareness and the donations I am trying to raise and how it will benefit mentally challenged people.

She pretty much grasped the idea. I also shared with her my concerns on how this challenge demands physical and mental abilities that could be a tad above what I had. I also told her about how I might not be able to reach my target, and how I would see that as a failure! I must say kids are so damn smart these days! HER main concern was the effects lack of oxygen will have on me at that height. At that age all that occupied my mind was conjuring up a plan to blow my sister’s Barbie doll’s heads off. Sorry sis… Note to Sis: Ken was like that when I found him! Anyways, the Kilimanjaro topic was over. My cousin and I went on with our chit chats. I stayed there a couple of hours, until we both ran out of conversation. It was time for me to leave. I don’t know if you are familiar with Egyptians, but I can tell you this much, no matter what you do you will never stay long enough or eat enough. So as my cousin and I had that tango of “stay longer, and no I can’t I have to go” dance. My baby cousin got in on the action too. She asked “why do you have to go”. I told her I had to go get the flag I’m taking up with me to Kili and other errands I had to finish. She then innocently asked how much that flag costs. I really didn’t know, and frankly the price of the flag was the least of my concerns. So I said in passing “twenty pounds”. I didn’t even finish that statement, she ran to the cupboard as fast as fast as she could, grabbed her little Velcro wallet and got out a twenty-pound bill. She said “I want to pay for that flag”! Needless to say her mother and I stood there in awe!

As simple as her donation was, it is by far the most special, and the grandest gesture I’ve seen. I haven’t reached my target yet (not even close) but hey with a gesture like that as my first donation, how bad can it be? Simply, goes to show you. Just begin whatever you want and random events along the way will pop out on your course to help you out. To honor my baby cousin, I bought the flag, and had her be the first one to write on it. Later that day both girls gave me donations making them the FIRST TWO TO DONATE!

2 Responses to “If You Build It, They Will Come!”

  • passant Says:

    that is very cute :) im waiting to see the flag up on ze top, mafeesh failures w el hatch da, ana esmy 3al flag da w lazem yetla3 fo2 hhehehehe

    • Beco Says:

      AKEED YA POO… I’m planning to get up there no matter what :) Of course your name on the flag is all the motivation I need! :)

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