For you I will..

Beco G.

I’ve thought a zillion times before starting to write this post. I simply don’t know what to write. I’m going through a really tough time these days. I lost a very good friend of mine last Sunday.. God I hate Sundays! I was going to use this blog to vent my anger, depression and feelings to what had happened. But then I thought, Nato wouldn’t have wanted that! I wasn’t going to let Nato’s life and meaning go to waste! I was NOT going to allow her life on Earth to fade away like she never existed, I would hate that happening to me. Nato was the type of person who would allow herself to be down only long enough to gather enough energy and strength to stand up stronger with more will and energy to go forth. She would gracefully stand up, smile, tie her hair back, and start moving forward like nothing had happened, like noting could stand in her way. And 9 out of 10 times nothing could stand in her way. I thought instead of wallowing on her death, why not cherish her life, and see how she had managed to touch and change my life.

I learnt a few things from Nato, that I never shared with anyone before. Nato had a statement on her Gtalk status, that I will never forget. “If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” It was because that statement I landed my current job. I was asked to send my CV, and I was a bit skeptical of sending my traditional resume. Like it was meant to be, Nato came online that moment, and I read her status. I presented my CV in a way I never had, and during the interview I did everything I never did in interviews before! Don’t worry I didn’t make a fool of myself, obviously!

I’m known for always saying the wrong and most awkward jokes at the completely wrong and most awkward times. We usually would be casually sitting around with friends, and something would happen, that would be a great opportunity for a really mean bad quirky joke to crack. As I inhale to take a breath to start saying something she would look at me from across the room, smile and nod her head in a no. She might not know what I was about to say, but she knows it was going to be bad. We would just make eye contact and laugh it off!

Nato you have always been a symbol of positive energy, grace and perfection. I know they say that no one is perfect, but I also know they have not met you! You have not just taught me that there isn’t an obstacle too big to break but you showed me, and you did it so gracefully it seemed so easy. You were all for doing the impossible and making dreams happen. Nato, you will always live in our hearts and memories and because of everything you were and everything you still are in our hearts, Nato, I am dedicating this climb to you.

I herewith declare that I am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in tribute to the memory of the precious Nathalie Atalla. Rest in Peace.

PS: I did not change my cause for this climb, I simply added a personal inspiration and determination to reach up there. Please click here to find out how you can contribute too.

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